Proud owner of a Finn Bark Blower

Tricky site, access issues? Let us spread your mulch for you...

We can efficiently apply a range of products such as Grobark Shredded Pine Mulch, Black Enhance Bark Mulch, grass seed, soils, soilless mixes and succulent sections for green roof applications.

Up to 22 yards of material can be spread by blower hose for an unrivalled, professional look. The flow of material is remote controlled. The operator can modify airflow for spreading around delicate plants or open areas. 300 of hose is ample to reach throughout most properties.

With the Finn Blower you have a great alternative to the application of mulch materials. When you consider the cost of labour, equipment and time required to spread manually, our blower system is a more effective and efficient way to complete a landscaping project.

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